See how a swarm of blue butterflies is helping an artist travel the world, though not literally

New York City artist Tasha Lewis has started a new global street art revolution. Her goal is to spread 4,000 magnetic blue butterflies all over the world to be installed in different cities and hopefully spanning all seven continents.

The swarm of butterflies, 400 at a time, will be sent out by Lewis to 10 groups that will travel further to 100 different homes. She hopes that even if she is not able to travel far and wide as an individual artist residing in the Big Apple, her butterflies will spread far and wide.

Each of Lewis’ butterfly packets is packed with 400 butterflies, a notebook, a how-to guide and a medical kit for butterfly repair. Once a person receives her package, he or she is tasked to travel with the butterflies for four weeks and install them around their homes or surrounding area and photograph them. They are also required to share their installation through the various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Once the four weeks are up, they would need to pack up their installation and ship the supplies to the next location. Each process is repeated 10 times wherein Lewis hopes to wrap up the project with a gallery exhibition showcasing all of the images of the installations.

It is not too late to participate.Visit the Swarm the World site to know the requirements to join the project.

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Photo Credit: Swarm the World official website via My Modern Met