You can now join the Mile High Club for a couple of dollars

Are you willing to shell out $799 to play hooky with your loved one mid-air?

Then go ahead and avail the services of Love Cloud, a unique air service that lets couples join the mile high club without risking getting caught (and a possible arrest).

The service was founded by entrepreneur Andy Johnson and is based out in Las Vegas. Customers are flown inside a Cessna 421 aircraft and takes passengers over the Las Vegas Strip, the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Meade. Amenities inside the pane include a comfy red bed complete with heart-shaped pillows, a wireless sound system and a bathroom. Couples need not to worry about privacy as the pilot is required to wear a noise-canceling headset all throughout the 40-minute trip.

After your airplane hookup, the company actually gives you Mile High Club VIP Certificate Cards as a souvenir of your mid-air tryst.

Source: Women’s Health