Couple cooks up a squirrel, sued for $2 million

Because of Khek Chanthalavong’s use of a blowtorch to burn off the fur of a squirrel he was preparing for a meal, he ended up putting the apartment complex where he and then-girlfriend lives on fire, causing $2 in damages.

In a later interview, it was learned that Chanthalavong left the blowtorch he used to burn off the squirrel’s fur on the balcony of their Holland Township apartment in Michigan. MLive was able to talk to his then-girlfriend Barbara Pellow who said that she only woke up suddenly to find Chanthalavong screaming and trying to fight a fire on their deck that started with the unattended blowtorch.

The fire displaced 29 tenants from the same apartment complex, causing serious damage as well, although none of the residents were injured.

Two insurance companies are now after the couple. First is ClearView Apartments insurer Travelers Indemnity Company who is seeking a reimbursement for $2 million in damages from Pellow. The second is the Auto Owners Insurance Co. who is seeking $57,000 from the couple to cover the costs of some of the affected tenants’ damaged property.

Source: The Huffington Post