Photos of girl straddling a dead shark prompt stern warning from wildlife experts

Due to a photo of a girl straddling what seemed to be a dead, 10-foot shark that circulated on social media, marine wildlife experts in Australia are warning beach goers on the dangers of doing so.

The incident was first reported by local newspaper Sunshine Coast Daily after a girl, among several other people, posed for photos with a copper shark that washed up on Marcoola Beach, North of Brisbane.

In an interview another Marcoola resident Chris Atkinson, he took his three sons to the beach to take a closer look of the shark, which according to him still looked alive. He also added that he thought everyone was just as surprised to see a shark that big wash up on their shores.

Following the photos of the girl who posed with the seemingly dead shark, wildlife experts gave a stern warning for people to still keep their distance even if the shark looks dead. Underwater World Sea Life Mooloolaba fishes curator Kate Wilson explains that the seasonal migration for the species of sharks is in March and April, and they migrate from New South Wales so it is possible that the shark was migrating and possibly got washed onto the beach in high tide, and if the animal has just washed up on shore, there is a big chance that it could still be alive.

Source: The Huffington Post