Why you shouldn’t drink after a work-out

Does drinking at brunch after your morning workout class make your sweat time less effective?

According to exercise physiologist, Ellen Breeding, it can.

She further explains that drinking even a cocktail within 30 minutes of working out has adverse effects on your body. First, doing so can weaken your muscle-recovery process and you must know that majority of muscle recovery takes place within 30 minutes of working out. This simply means that if you drink an alcoholic beverage after working out, you are not really giving your muscles enough time to recover. It can greatly lead to muscle damage, making your muscles weak and thus ends up to your workout being less effective overall.

Second reason is that you are risking yourself of dehydration. Know that alcohol is a diuretic, which simply means that i can dehydrate you. So if you drink after your workout, wherein you are already dehydrated, you are making your body more dehydrated than it is.

Last reason is that drinking alcohol right after a workout can lead to blood clots. This later on increases the risk of you having some serious heart trouble.

Source: Women’s Health