An 80-year old grandmother was allegedly placed in body bag by mistake, freezes to death

The White Memorial Medical Center has a lot of explaining to do i court after a pathologist confirmed that 80-year old Maria de Jesus Arroyo did not die of heart attack as it was originally thought of, but instead of asphyxiation and hypothermia.

The gran was found upside down inside a half-zipped body bag in a mortuary freezer with facial injuries, apparently in a desperate attempt to escape the deep freeze she was in.

Her family is now suing the hospital, lead by family lawyer Scott Schutzman who in an interview said that the case keeps him up at night. He later on said that the cold of the hospital morgue must have woken her up and that she may have induced her wounds while fighting her way out of the body bag she was in.

A spokesman of the hospital counteracts by saying that they have followed all proper protocols and that they are confident that once the facts of the case are reviewed, they will prevail in court.

Source: Mirror