Angelina Jolie Romanian lookalike stabs cabbie after forcing him to have sex with her

31-year-old Luminita Perijoc told a Romaninan court that she was under the influence of a strong medication when she forced a cabbie to have sex with her twice and stabbed him six times when he wouldn’t perform again. 

Mirror reports that the victim, Nicolae Stan, was dragged at knifepoint to Perijoc’s home in Tulcea, Eastern Romania, where he was only supposed to deliver wine. Stan further relates that he was threatened by a 4-inch blade as Perijoc undressed him, demanding intercourse and oral sex right after. He managed to escape to her bathroom later on, allowing him to call for help.

The gruesome attack happened in 2012.

The New York Daily News reported that Perijoc claimed she was the victim of the whole incident. But she was later arrested and sentenced to five years in jail.

In a further report from The Mirror, Stan tried to explain why he did not fight Perijoc, whom he could have easily overpowered.

“I was worried that people would think I raped her, so I tried to escape without hurting her.” He states.

Stan later said that he has been handed a “life sentence” of teasing for refusing to have sex with an Angelina Jolie-lookalike. But he says that people will never understand the ordeal he has to go through. Others will never know what it’s like to have a knife pointed at your throat by a yelling mad woman and that it is impossible to perform in that kind of scenario even if she was Miss Romania herself.

Source: The Huffington Post