Family fled deadly spiders-ridden home

Bananas could turn out to be deadly.

Just ask a terrified family from Hednesford, Staffordshire who, after realizing that a bunch of bananas sitting innocently on their kitchen window sill has become a nesting place for what allegedly is a deadly breed of Brazillian Wandering Spiders.

The father, Jamie Roberts, recounts how he noticed that the bananas had several white patches all over their skin and at first mistook them as mold. Further inspection revealed that the same white patches seem to have spread on the kitchen curtains as well as all over the window sill. Roberts called the shop where they bought the bananas and was told to bring them over to them.

Later on, Jamie and his wife, Crystal, spoke to pest control who told them to immediately leave their house. Terrified, the couple along with their two young kids Georgina and Joshua fled their house. Immediately after they left, pest control took over and began an intensive 24-hour fumigation process to ward off what’s potentially as hundreds of deadly spiders nesting at their home.

The family was only allowed to go back home after 3 days and only after pest control has confirmed that all spiders have been killed.

The incident was a big shock to the family, especially to Jamie who happens to have a fear of spiders.

Source: Shocking Times