Incredible invisible barn, you will never find anything like it anywhere!

New York design company STPMJ recently came up with a site-specific architectural folly that showcases a seamless integration of architecture and nature folly that reflects and merges the surrounding landscape.

The project called Invisible Barn was conceived from an original proposal submitted to the popular Folly competition. The way it works is that a parallelogram-shaped structure is designed specifically to stand in the middle of a dense grove of trees located in the Socrates Sculpture Park. The structure is made mainly of wood and sheeted with mirror film. The effect is a uniquely bizarre piece of art wherein the barn becomes one with nature as its exterior reflects the surrounding birch trees, blue sky and signs of the changing seasons.

From a fair distance, the structure looked oddly invisible-like as each inch of man made architectural presence is erased by the reflection. Visitors are given the chance to experience a unique sense of interaction as they maneuver in and out of the structure through the visible incisions in its mirrored surface.

The architects of the Invisible Barn explain that the installation is meant to re-contextualize the landscape of the park, which is made possible by projecting the surrounding scenery onto the surface of the structure.

The project description aptly describes the installation:

The visual illusion that blurs the perceptual boundary between the folly and the site, allows the folly to e disappeared and invisible in nature, reconstructing the landscape of the site.

Source: My Modern Met




Photo Credit: My Modern Met