Swedish family terrorized by Ratzilla

The Bengtsson-Korsås family had no idea that a vile and terrifying creature in the form of a 15-inch, 2.2-pound rat is lurking in their own kitchen at home.

The father of the house, Signe Bengtsson-Korsås, discovered the huge rodent while taking out the bins one day.  The creature was so huge that it terrified him, making hum jump on the kitchen table out of fright. The family also noted than an ordinary mousetrap wouldn’t be enough for the rat, which they have taken into calling a “Ratzilla.”

Exterminators were immediately called in to help the family catch and get rid of the Ratzilla. Huge mousetraps were laid out for it and in less than a day, the creature was caught. But it wasn’t that the mousetrap was enough to catch and kill it. In truth, the mousetrap did nothing but cause for the rat to get stuck under a wooden plant where it eventually choked itself to death. Ratzilla was so huge and unbelievably strong that after the mousetrap snapped on its neck, it still had the strength to scurry and attempt to hide or escape.

After the rat has been fully removed from their home, the family investigated on how it managed to get in their home. Further inspection lead them back to their kitchen, through a ventilation pipe where the Viking Rat seemed to have gnawed its way through the wood and cement.

Dad Signe later in quipped that it was the biggest rodent he has ever seen in his life. His two boys, 13-year-old Justus and six-year-old Laurentius, on the other hand has taken it upon themselves to document the the rat-hunting event by taking photos.