In Caracas and no roof over your head? Try to score a room at world’s tallest slum

Like a concrete ode to Venezuela’s crippling banking crisis and to the extensive poverty experienced by majority of its capital city’s population, El Torre de David stands tall in the heart of Caracas, empty and desolate.

The unfinished tower stood abandoned for almost 20 years after the death of its developer in 1994. Banking crisis that ensued right after prevented further construction on the site. The building’s investors have all seemed to have forgotten about it, which is a welcome respite for the impoverished people of Caracas. 70% of the city residents live in slums and over the past 8 years, the tower has been slowly repopulated by people who have moved to form a community that will run the building and make it habitable for all.

In 2012, it has been reported that 750 families currently reside in El Torre de david, and number continue to climb. Improvements on the tower include a well-maintained electricity and running water, thanks to pool money collected from the residents. There are now also a variety of shops, a church and a gym that is open to all residents.

El Torre de David has indeed become a sort of concrete haven for majority of Caracas’ poor, where they can live for free and hopefully reassemble their lives.

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Photo Credits: Iwan Baan via Bored Panda





Photo Credits: Sebastian Liste via Bored Panda