Father walks 11-year old daughter down the aisle

Having cancer did not stop Josie Zetz’s father from walking his daughter down the aisle — even when she’s only 11 years old.

California photographer Lindsey Villatoro, owner of Love Song Photography based in Menifee, California, has made it part of her photography services to document the journeys if terminally ill clients. She exclaimed that she tries her best to make each session and photography outcome all about the person and no the disease.

Villatoro was referred to the Zetz family, and scheduled a photography session with Jim, who at that time was sick with pancreatic cancer. His wife Grace was also part of the photography session.

After the initial shoot with Jim and Grace, Villatoro also offered to do another session with their daughter Josie. Villatoro also took it upon herself to post about their story on her website with a goal to collect donations to be used for Josie’s upcoming birthday. In the end, Villatoro took it a step further by planning a wedding for Josie, complete with flowers, dessert, a promise ring and even a wedding dress straight from LA Fashion Week. The reason behind this? So Josie can still experience what its like to walk down the aisle with her dad.

In the end, the wedding came together nicely.

Josie got picked up by her mom from school on the day itself and that was the only time she was told of what’s about to happen. Emotional, Josie went on to exclaim, “It is the best day of my life.”

In an interview, Villatoro went on to explain why she does events such as this one. For her, it is more about preserving the person and veering everyone away from the illness or of the idea of death. She believes that people should focus on the beauty of a person, who they were and the memories that they leave behind.

The story of the wedding went viral and was covered by local network KTLA as well as the Daily Mail.

Source: The Huffington Post