Photographer makes a stand against dog stereotyping

A photographer aims to change the way we see dogs that are labeled as “bully breeds” through a heartwarming photo project.

In 2012, photographer Douglas Sonders spearheaded a project called Not a Bully. This heartwarming project aims to change the perception of rescue dogs that have been unfairly labeled as bullies. There are 14 popular dog breeds under this bracket such as Boxers, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. In essence, these dogs are labeled such because people believe that they are inherently mean, aggressive or even violent.

Sadly, shelters are crowded with loving bully breeds whose unfair stereotype severely limit their chances of ever finding a good home.

The Not a Bully project hopes to change all of that. Through these beautiful portraits that showcase these dogs, along with inspiring rescue stories, the project aims to educate the people on the fact that all rescue pets, no matter what breed, deserve a loving home.

Sonders’ inspiration for the project is a personal one. He himself has adopted his own rescue dog, a Pit Bull, black Labrador mix he named Emma. He recounts how Emma had been circulating the foster-care system for nine months and unable to find a permanent home because potential adopters had bee turned off by her “scary” appearance and pit-bull background.

It was after he had adopted Emma that he felt compelled to create the Not a Bully project, after realizing that photography was the perfect tool to show people what Emma and other pit bulls are really like.

Source: My Modern Met

Photo Credit: Douglas Sonders via the Not a Bully Official Website