Stunning photos of firefly light-trails captured through long-exposure photography

Missouri-based photographer Vincent Brady used the magic of long-exposure photography to capture the light trails left behind by fireflies, resulting into a fairy-like ambiance.

Brady’s stunning photographs transformed the fireflies’ light into what looked like shooting stars streaking the American Midwest skies. He was able to capture such by keeping his camera’s exposure open as the fireflies fly around, as he was able to capture their movement aside from their light. The photographs were taken at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and at Grand Ledge in Michigan in 2013.

He shot the stunning photos during the humid nights, where fireflies are more likely to put their bioluminescent display.

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A stunning lakeside view | Photo Credit:


Fireflies that look like a thousand fairies | Photo Credit:


Woodland luminescence | Photo Credit:


A fairy-like parade | Photo Credit:


Stunning firefly streaks that looks like shooting stars | Photo Credit:


Faeries & Foliage | Photo Credit:


Photographer Vincent Brady chased fireflies to get the perfect shot | Photo Credit:


Fireflies light up the night sky like shooting star on a twilight | Photo Credit:


A seemingly fairytale shot | Photo Credit:


Brady is quoted as saying, “Cruising along the lake under the stars with the fireflies lighting up the treeline is breathtaking.” | Photo Credit: