After only two months of dating, Lilly Ghalichi became one engaged Persian princess after her entrepreneur boyfriend Dahr Mann popped the question with a whopping 15-carat engagement diamond ring.

Celebuzz.com has all the ring details, straight from jewelry designer Mike Nekta himself who cut and designed the Shahs of Sunset star’s ring from the rough. He revealed that Ghalicihi’s sparkler actually came from a whooping 30-carat stone, which he later made into two stones. He notes that Ghalichi is now wearing the larger of the two stones and definitely the purest of the rough.

Nekta further explains that the diamond is a type IIA Golconda diamond, an extremely rare, flawless and colorless stone. It is a pear brilliant cut with approximately 150 to 200 smaller side diamonds adorning it, totaling to an extra 1.65 carats.

Ghalichi was said to have borrowed a similar ring from Netka for a recent TV appearance and loved it so much, wanting to purchase it but it wasn’t available, as it has already been sold. Netka said that Mann actually called him to ask about the ring and since it was no longer available, ended up buying a much bigger diamond instead.

Mann paid a total of $1.2 million for the ring, which was already priced down from the its original $2.6 million price tag. Nekta also went on to say that the special jewelry piece happens to be fit for the smallest finger and s the biggest diamond he has ever custom designed.

In a sweet message posted online, Mann says to Ghalichi on their engagement:

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. I know some people laugh when they hear it has only been two months, but I could’ve told you were the one after two minutes. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Source: Celebuzz

After inspecting tulips at a flower festival in 1974, then Birmingham mayor, the Honorary Elderman James Eames unknowingly dropped the four-carat diamond that is on his civic chain, never to be found until this day.

The gem known as he Spencer Diamond named after its donor in 1850, which is told to be valued at £100,000 went missing without him noticing it during a festival and for the next 40 years, the council has been quietly looking for it. There is also now a £20,000 for anyone who finds it.

Historically, it is the first diamond ever to be cut in Birmingham, and thus it was placed in the Lord Mayor’s chain with great pride. After it was revealed that it was actually missing, the council entourage went on a mad dash to look for the precious jewel but it is nowhere to be found. In the end, the council paid for the jewel to be replaced although the local authority is still hoping to one day find the original gem.

In a report by the Sunday Mercury, it was revealed that every single park manager who has been in charge of the Edgbaston Park for the past 40 years has been quietly informed of the jewel’s loss in the area. Apprentices have also been tasked to regularly sieve the park grounds in hopes of finding the jewel.

Current Lord Mayor Mike Leddy is one of the many who still hopes that the jewel will be found. He was quoted as saying that it was likely that the jewel was lost during the Tulip Festival and that the Lord Mayor the only noticed the diamond was missing from its setting after he got back in his car.

The notable jewel was known to be lost somewhere in Cannon Hill Park where people continue to go round looking for it but still not found until this day.

Source: Mirror