You might want to hide your stick man drawings.

Below are photos of some of the most awesome 3D drawings you’ll ever see. They are so realistic that each drawing seem to jump off the page. Each sketch is a combination of shading techniques usually utilized in airbrushing, a flawless artist’s perspective and a few techniques such as using multiple sheets of paper that help to create more complex images.

Pencils.com state that anyone can try their hand in 3D drawing as long as these 3 main tips are followed: Lighting, Perspective and Thinking Outside of the Page.

Lighting means shading in the area farthest from the light source, thus you have to know where the light falls on the objects you are sketching. In Perspective, just remember this: objects that are closer appear larger, and objects that are farther away appear smaller. Thinking Outside of the Page simply means letting your imagination run wild and never hold back.

Scroll down and be inspired to make your own 3D drawings!

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16-year-old artists Shania McDonagh wins the Texaco Children’s Art Competition in Ireland with her impressive hyperrealistic pencil drawing of an old man.

Using a photograph from the Vanishing Ireland book, it took McDonagh a month to create the portrait that won her the top prize of $2,075 (€1,500). The young artist is the winner of the 16-18-year-old category and of the whole 2014 competition.

The judging panel’s chairman and director of the National College of Art & Design declared that McDonagh’s work has positioned her as one of the most talented artists of her generation, and one whose skill could see her become one of Ireland’s foremost portrait artists of the future.

McDonagh’s work of art called is called “Coleman.”


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Children’s colouring books are supposed to be filled with glitter and unicorns, smiling animals and flowers, cuddly animals and many more happy things.

But a new site called Coloring Book Corruptions has come up with a twisted way of reimagining the way we look at children’s colouring books, turning innocent pictures into dark and hilarious scenes.

Illustrations are being “corrupted” by the amusing thoughts of adults who turned each illustration into something creative, playful and with a little bit of dark twist to them. The site features such illustrations like a happy ant skipping in the grass into one running in agony after being set on fire. A smiling caterpillar reading a book becomes a Satanist summoning the devil. Two jellyfish are drawn as putting a swimmer to death. Morbid or not, the images re sure to provide some lighthearted fun for bored yet creative adults.

There’s a wonderful sense of corrupted glee to be gained in turning a seemingly innocent children’s coloring book into something both awful and hilarious.

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Photo Credit: coloringbookcorruptions.com via My Modern Met