A two-year-old boy from Philadelphia shoots and kills older sister, 11-year-old Jamara Stevens in their home while playing. Police believes that the gun, which the siblings were playing with, was brought inside their home by their mother’s boyfriend.

Further investigation revealed that the .357 caliber gun with an eight inch barrel was left on top of their fridge where the children later found it and began playing with it, thinking it was a toy. The mother, TIffany Goldwire, had popped to the bathroom when the shooting happened.

Investigators went ahead to outline the events as it happened. According to them, all four siblings were playing with the gun in a bedroom when the 2-year-old toddler apparently pointed the cocked handgun at Jamara and fired, hitting her straight in the arm. The bullet was said to have travelled through the schoolgirl’s chest, striking her in the heart. She was later pronounced dead at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, half-hour after she was brought there.

Police investigators are still looking into the real owner of the gun and no charges have been filed as of this time.

Similar incidents have been reported in the past. October of 2013, a babysitter in Vildor, Texas was charged after the five-year-old kid she was looking after shot himself with her gun. Two weeks before that, a two-year-old also fatally shot herself in Fayetteville, North Carolina, ending with her father facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

Source: Mirror

When April Timmons received a text message from her mother about hearing gunshots being fired inside the school where she works, she immediately called 911 only to find out later that it was all an April Fool’s joke.

Angela Timmons, who works as an employee at Virginia College in Greenville, S.C was later arrested and charged with aggravated breach of peace and disturbing a school.

Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County tells in an interview that the joke was made in bad taste and not amusing at all. He explains further that the moment they received the information from the 911 dispatcher, deputies rushed to the scene, driving as quickly as they can with no regard for their own lives.

The deputies that rushed to the school were expecting the worst, as April Timmons told the 911 dispatcher that her mother called her and said that they are hiding in a file cabinet office because there are gunshots on campus.

Further investigation also revealed that Timmons has played the same kind of practical joke before.

Source: The Huffington Post